Progress by tradition

Aluminium Rheinfelden Group: The history of aluminium in Germany started at Rheinfelden. In 1898 Europe’s first river power station brought about the establishment of the first aluminium smelter in Germany, at Rheinfelden, Baden. The company has always operated in three business segments. Since 16.04.2021 Alu Rheinfelden is a part from UC RUSAL, the largest low carbon aluminium producer (

Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH: Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys can be found wherever steel designs or iron castings can be replaced by light aluminium castings. Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys is a powerful partner, especially to the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors, providing alloys tailored to the process and cast part in line with the customer’s particular needs. · Tel. +49 7623 93 490

Aluminium Rheinfelden Semis GmbH: Primary aluminium slugs, blanks and pre-cut parts in a great variety of dimensions form the primary material for tubes, cans and containers and for technical applications. · Tel. +49 7623 93 464

Rheinfelden Carbon Products GmbH: Soederberg and Electrode Paste for the production of high purity ferro alloys and silicon metal, Linin and Ramming Paste and gas calcined anthracite · Tel. +49 7623 93 211

Sustainability is particularly important to us. Therefore, we cover our electricity needs 100% from hydropower.